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Out for a stroll on a quiet Sunday morning     You can have your sox mended     Bar girls available at Hillary 3     freelancers available at Climax disco, things get going after midnig

Some other Soi 11 scenes from yesterday, like shopping at Villa Market     When I was looking for a condo to rent, the first place I checked was Chaidee Mansion, at the 'T'.  I asked the guy how

Today here's what's left of the Federal Hotel, a Soi 11 institution since the 1970's, making room for new Condos. I never stayed there but had breakfast in their coffee house once, and their website i

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good compilation of pictures .. I often stay soi 11 .. salil and President Palace .. and will again this april 2015 stay in both ..


its always a good soi .. even when the bars shut .. the hi-ace open for the desperate ..


will enjoy again ..



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Looks like a pretty convenient place between Nana and SC. Saw another thread saying Le Fenix was good, and looks nice and modern on the web, will consider that when I stay over.

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Was in apotheke a week ago. Always loved the place for a chill bottle of wine, nice date atmosphere, and great music. Unfortunate and quite sad that the regular singer, musician had a heart attack and passed away recently. Nice that they left a memorial photo on the wall.

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Angel City Diner has been replaced by Coyote, now serving overpriced, crap, Mexican food.  Take my advice and walk over to La Monita Taqueria at Ploenchit, you'll be glad you did.




Aloft got painted up




The old Federal Hotel has been replaced by a showroom for The Hyde




From the Cheap Charlie cul-de-sac, Chez Pape now serving daily lunch specials.




Always meant to try this Tappas place next door








Cheap Charlie Bar



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At the Sukhumvit end, El Gaucho Argentinean Steakhouse, home of the 750 baht Cheese and Bacon Burger, opened near the Grand Swiss Hotel.  Good place for imported steaks.




Pomodaro still going strong




At the T, there's the Holiday Inn Express





...with a new bar




The Italian restaurant on the Soi 13 connector is now Dubai Restaurant




Lot's of Shisha, baby!





The old St. Regis is now the Elite Musical Theater, whatever that is




Looking down the Soi




Q-Bar changed it's name




New kid on the block is Wolff's




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Thanks for updating the thread, good pics and info. I tend to stay at Citadines in soi 11 often, versus a hotel.

ex tgf managed snapper for a while, I still go there often for decent fish and chips. Also, Nest is a nice rooftop bar down around the corner at the end of the Soi. Seen some great live acts there in a very chilled out environment.

Heading back up to bkk tmr might try the steakhouse....

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I’m due to return to Thailand very soon after a four year absence. This thread, and the excellent photos within, brings back a lot of memories and I’ll be interested to see how Soi 11 has changed (it’s where I’ll be staying on my upcoming trip).


I do worry how much of the nightime character has been taken away now that the food stalls and camper vans have been forced out.


I’m not sure where I’ll be eating at 2/3AM when I stumble merrily back to my hotel from a late night venue. And I’m also gutted to know Climax has gone! It seems it’s all change down wonderful Soi 11 but none of it seems for the better.

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Soi 11 has changed heaps but I still like it as a place for a hotel and a bit of food. Soi 13 has a few good places to stay as well. Central and fairly quiet. My favourite hotels here are Citrus 13,Grand Swiss and Double One.  

Soi 11 is changing that's for sure. Like down Am Plaza all the massage shops were closed down on my visit last December. Soon the remaining ones will soon be gone, if not already.
That steakhouse near Double One hotel is gone too, it's some indian place now. 
That nightclub under Ambassador Hotel is closed. The cheap charlies bar is also closed.
But there is some new club that opened up on Soi 11, Insanity I think moved premises there, i'm not 100% sure. 

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Still some street food around, but no curb bars.


Many of the bars and restaurants from the first post in gone. Cheap Charlies for sure but also all the other places in that sub soi are also shut down.



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