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Is There Any Other Place in the World as Tolerant as Thailand?

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So, of the pharangs here, do you feel this same shady tolerance to the people you know personally? It's one thing when you're a visitor and people respect you for your money.


I was wondering if pharangs living in Thailand, who have a better grip on their culture and customs, can still have a nice relationship with Thais.   

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Well the philippines has been tolerating both good and bad. They are so far the only country to stick to the truth in the bible when it comes to big issues such as same sex marriage, which is clearly easy to see in other countries. You see, being tolerant is not about allowing everything, but also stepping up to stand against what is really wrong by moral standards of a normal person at the very least. That is all true.

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Anyone who has been in Thailand and been in a non mongering situation for any length of time will soon realise Thais are very racist.  I put that down to their insular outlook and their many different Governments who are all like Dynasty's.  Much the same as North Korea.

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