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Pattaya rushes to eradicate sin

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Ive been going to Bangkok and Pattaya since 1969 and I can tell you theres been a 'crackdown' announced virtually every year since the late 70's. Theres always been crackpot suggestion of turning it into a 'Family Resort' but that never happened.


What realy got up my nose was all the mongers who used to go out there in the early 80's chasing girls, then moving out there and becoming 'respectalised' and forming the Pattaya round table and condemning the bars. Thats not to mention one certain 'monger who ran his won TV station and found respectability as he denounced all the bar owners yet he used to be one.

Pattaya does funny things to people, but the one thing you must never forget, it brings in a LOT of money to certain people.

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If this escalates it will takes years for the country to change. Basically you will have about a million unskilled bargirls and families with no means to support themselves. Many working girls are sup

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