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Overstay - Warning

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On 22 Oct 2014 I went to the Government Center at Chaeng Wattana for a 1 year extension, 90 day report and re-entry.


It took about 2 hours for the extension, 15 minutes for the 90 day report and 45 minutes for the re-entry with a 1 hour lunch break between the extension and 90 day report. Nothing has changed as far as the procedure, requirements or price from last year.  However, I did see a sign regarding overstay that I don’t recall seeing before. If you are apprehended and have overstayed your visa less than 1 year then you will not be allowed to return for 5 years and if more than 1 year then you will not be allowed to return for 10 years.  You could probably buy your way out of this situation but I suspect that it would be rather expensive.






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