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How can i get more days in my passport? Need advice!


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My passport runs out on June 8, how can I get 6 months more?
Have been in Thailand 60 days 8 june and the plan is and be here 6 months more

Visited the Norwegian embassy and they didnt know how i could fix 6 more months, they asked me to search on the internet.

I am 26 years old.

So how is the process to get more days?

I live in Bangkok.





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There are many threads that discuss "visa Runs" where you catch a cheap train/bus/flight to the nearest border (typically Cambodia), get your passport stamped out/in. Voila! You have yourself an extra however many months they allow for tourists. Just type in "visa Runs." Check the PA forums as well. Good Luck!

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If you mean that you need a new visa then you need to leave the country and apply at the Thai embassey/consulate for a new 2 month tourist visa. You may be able to get 2or 3 at that time. Each visa can be extended by 30 days when you get back to Thailand.


If you mean your passport is expiring then you need to apply for a new passport via your embassy or consulate.

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