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This is hands down the best Ramen shop in Bangkok. They have fresh garlic cloves with a press that you can add to your ramen. I ate there 4 times, the intensity of pork flavor in the tonkotsu broth is second to none!







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Thanks go Jay5335 I went to this place to try the ramen. To get there you can take the BTS to Phrong Phom and take exit 3. The soi is very close to that exit. Walk up the soi for about 5 minutes or so. If you think you went to far, you didn't. Just keep walking.  On the right hand side of the street you will find a tall yellow building called 'Royal Castle', the restaurant is right after the building. I would post pictures of how the place looks like from the outside so you can find it more easily, but I need to figure out how to attach pictures!  I had on ramen and one beer for 370 baht. Not the cheapest option in town, but totally worth it!

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