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The OECD produces an assessment of 15 year old school students in different countries around the world.  Its called the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).


For 2016, Thailand results are below and these are compared to other countries which BMs may know. 


Thailand is a long way behind many developed countries, which is not surprising giving it is relatively poorer.  Compared to other large countries in SE Asia, Thailand is well behind Vietnam (which does extremely well) and ahead of Indonesia.  Thailand is also ahead of countries like Brazil.


PISA also looks at how much education achievement in each country varies by socio-economic group.  In Thailand the difference in achievement between different socio-economic groups was small, meaning children from poorer and richer homes get a relatively similar quality of education.  However in Thailand in 2016 only 71% of students completed PISA tests whereas PISA expects 84% should complete tests.  PISA take this as indicating that some of the missing children (probably those from poorer homes) are not in school at 15 years old. 


Many of the girls in the bars in Thailand did their PISA tests in 2012 or 2009 or 2006 when the results were similar. You could argue that the PISA data shows that complaints about their education should mostly be directed at the fact that Thailand is a poor country with an education system which needs to be improved rather than at the fact that they come from poor Thai families.




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