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I plan to visit thailand for 3-4 weeks this year.  I am looking for Thai Cooking Course that is going to be over the course of 2, 3 or 4 weeks - something beyond how to make a couple of thai dishes (the one day class), and would provide certificate/diploma for my efforts :)


I have a serious interest in thai cuisine, but not looking to become a working chef but wanted to have great skills that I could use daily for preparing meals at home for myself, friends and family members alike.  


I have be scouring the internet, but wanted mostly up-to-date info, maybe some feedback from anyone who's taken a multi-day course, and maybe even could provide a recommendation or a resource. 


This is my first trip to thailand, not to asia, but I have always loved thai food.  



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Well i do hope that cooking course is worth it because a travel like that is really hectic for me. I do think of a way to make it easier for you but then it would need to depend on your budget at the very least. Some say it is not really easy to work with that kind of travel.

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