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Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy history

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Each Thursday on the Nana Plaza Twitter & Facebook feeds we run a Throwback Thursday feature with photos and videos showing the old days in Nana Plaza, dating back to the 80s.  The Facebook album is updated monthly (the newer photos are still on the Timeline) and there currently are 32 pictures in the album.




We do not save the videos there, so you'll need to follow us to see them.

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Yes prices have gone up greatly over the years but the attitude of the girls has become much worst. Go back 15 years when the girls and the bars were about providing fun times for you and the girls enjoying themselves while making a modest income. Now it is all about hard nosed business making as much as you can for as little as possible. BKK is trading on past reputation but this will not last for ever. When I started to go to BKK I was paying about 1/3rd of the price of a beer at home and I was getting pretty girls thrown in now a beer in Cowboy or Nana costs more than I pay at home. Why would you spend the airfare and hotel costs for this?

You are absolutely right - stay home, and don’t ever come back, enjoying your beers at home... and take all your friends that feel the same way with you. Thailand is a horrible, horrible place, and it has become so much worse.....


Save yourself, save your friends!

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The guys who have been around for a while say the Bangkok P4P scene was better before and has gone downhill ever since.

There will always be a contingent of people that will insist that the “good old days” were much better, and will never miss an opportunity to remind everyone of it. Kinda like Vegans do.


Newsflash : those good old days weren’t always good (Billy Joel sang all about it). Things change - some things for the better, some things for the worse. That’s how it works.


When it comes to Thailand, the balance still trends towards “better”, unless all you care about are the price of beers, and the price of a single fuck-variable. If that’s the case, you probably should be going to Thailand, anyway.


On a “big picture” point of view, Thailand still has pretty much every other destination beat.

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