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Proposed new laws for businesses in Thailand

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I was looking at starting up a business in the next 2 months in central thailand. What does this really mean. If you get it up and running before the law changes you are ok or just screwed  once the law passes? Does the law if passed not allow a foreigner even with a thai partner to run a business? Anyone have a good insight on how this will play out over the next year to 5 years if passed? Just another idea pitched and then rejected because its going to drive a lot of people out of thailand.





THE Business Development Department has reviewed a new draft law and added in the document that a foreign individual cannot register a business in the Kingdom.
The move aims to prevent |foreign enterprises from competing against Thais in many businesses that should be preserved for Thais.

The original draft, known as "one person, one company", states only that a single person can register a business in Thailand.

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