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Plan to track all foreigners sim cards

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They can track me if they like, hope they like all my boring rants etc. Or they can tune in to my football texts.   I'm not bothered if they track me or not.

Lol if they are tracking me   Look he's going to his hotel .. then to massage parlor  then back to hotel then to nana then back to hotel then back to nana and back to hotel then 711    Yes boys I

Some time back the Thais changed the rules and you needed to show some ID to buy a sim card so you could no longer pick up a sim from a 7/11 store. This is the same in many countries for example Australia where you need to some ID with an address or produce a passport if you are a visitor. In January 2016 they were giving out free sim cards at the airport but these were only valid for a short while once you activated them but this was not happening in May 2016. This sounds like an extension of this scheme but with some added registration. The bad news  was and maybe still is the rates you get on these so called tourist deals are very poor.


To work any mobile phone needs to know what cell you are in and even if you use your home country sim they will know your location down to the cell you are in which on the city can be a very small area. The problem is how do you manage or use all the data you are going to collect. I doubt if even the Thais will have the resources to do this unless you contact a known or suspected person of interest. Very useful for putting together what  contacts were made after an incident but you only need to watch the movies to see the bad guys always ditch their cell phones after the deed is done.

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Cell towers have always had an ability to measure a distance to a phone based on response time on the signal.

Measure that distance from multiple towers, you get a location.

There are issues with its accuracy (signals going through walls, etc.) But it will still get the general area.

Not sure what special SIM the will be issuing... They can already do this with any SIM assuming the towers are close enough together.

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Just grab a lebara in your home country and assign to Thailand. Free sms and a decent data package (enough to for Wechat etc.)



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Just check their website. No Thailand web site. Can you explain?



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