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How a strong Baht is affecting your plans to travel?

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This is no issue for me. The currency will not prevent me from to travel to LoS..

Still one of the cheaper destinations of the world. Value for money in my opinion.

i dun think there is much slow down even with the lower exchange rate as much currency has a high multipler vs Baht so the difference is not really significant. It is not one of the most value for money destination in Asia but the MOST value for money destination in Asia. and probably around the world. 

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Do any of you guys think the THB to USD conversion will keep going up in the following months with the king's death?



imo, yes ... US is about to raise interest rates again and our currency gets strong as a result.  Also, I believe this mourning will drop the Thai GDP and productivity as well.

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How this climb on the Thai Baht against the main currencies is affecting your travel plans to LOS?


Are you going short periods?


Do you save in hotels?


More meals on food courts?


I have the sensation that every single visit I have less value for money.( Probably I'm getting older)


Any thoughts will be appreciated and any ideas to have more fun without breaking the budget.



Do you mean strong baht or weak pound?

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  • Growth in Chinese tourist arrivals fell to 13.2 per cent in the second quarter, dragging down overall arrivals growth. The sector will become increasingly dependent on rising spending per visitor.


According to a couple of conversations I had last month with Thai locals, Chinese tourism is not all that it seems, and it was argued that Thailand make very little from these visitors. When Chinese nationals visit, mostly it is in group tours. These tours are owned and operated by Chinese businesses. When they go on island, fishing or other ocean tours, the boats are CHinese owned. Ditto for the busses they use to get around, the hotels they stay in, and the restaurants they eat in. 


It was stated that Thai people see almost nothing of the Chinese tourist dollar, and it all goes back to China. The same was said to varying degrees about Russian and Korean tourism. What's worse, the tour operators fill these people with fear that to even talk to a Thai local is dangerous and they will be ripped of. Meanwhile, the operators rip their customers off blindly. 


The nett NEGATIVE of all of this is that with these three countries experiencing a financial boom over the past decade, creating a larger middle class that can travel abroad, when they go to Thailand, it further makes the place busy for others, and for many Falang, it's become too touristy. Thailand is OVER according to some pundits in the travel journalism game. 


So when the paying tourists who support Thailand are no longer coming, and replaced by Chinese, Korean & Russian guided tours, this might spell bad news for the tourism industry. 


Somebody with more of an understanding might want to say how this will affect the exchange rate of the baht over the coming years. 

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Not affecting me at all. 


Or, if anything, indirectly, marginally increasing my enjoyment, perhaps: I prefer BKK when it's quieter, freer of tourists.


Last trip over, I got a whole row of 4 seats on the plane to myself too. That was good.


Tom Tit  :blink:

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Being constantly torn between The PI and LOS the respective exchange rates do have a small part in my decisions on where to go.


1000thb = $28usd

1000php = $20usd


So a 2000 baht or peso barfine is a $16 difference to me. I guess it adds up but in the end it's not yet that great a difference that it changes my current taste for TG or Pina puss..

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