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How a strong Baht is affecting your plans to travel?

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Being constantly torn between The PI and LOS the respective exchange rates do have a small part in my decisions on where to go.


1000thb = $28usd

1000php = $20usd


So a 2000 baht or peso barfine is a $16 difference to me. I guess it adds up but in the end it's not yet that great a difference that it changes my current taste for TG or Pina puss..

...do they actually have characteristically different flavours....?

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This is no issue for me. The currency will not prevent me from to travel to LoS..

Still one of the cheaper destinations of the world. Value for money in my opinion.

So far some years have been cheaper than others

But really

End of the day, $500 or $1000 difference over 3 or 4 weeks isn't a thing to worry about

if it is then stay home, You will be miserable no matter what

Im no big spender but I am not a cheap charlie either

I laugh and pay the best negotiated price without offending anyone

Always haggle but remember to always laugh and then give a tip on top

Life is good :)

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First visit was 2003 and we got just over 70 baht to the £.   Since then its gone to around 40 so a big drop which means things cost a lot more.  Plus prices have generally gone up such as hotels, drinks and girls.   


So i could be sad but just take it that I was just lucky to be there once when it was high and maybe that was the anomoly and not now.   Sometimes you can have it too good.

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