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Thai investment accounts

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Is anyone aware of any banks that sell index funds as investments? Looking to buy some vanguard index funds and mutual funds in Thailand to hold here, but can't seem to find information about it anywhere.

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What is stopping you from buying foreign investment options? About 10% of my investments go into something that is foreign. That is always an open door that you can go down. Most of this stuff can be managed online anyways.

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Indexed funds are good business.

Just contact Vanguard (one of several but probably the best ATM and IMHO)

they trade world wide

They have a lot of options on a lot of markets

Another tip is go through Interactive Brokers, They do the brokerage cheaper than 99% of them and its just easy

I wish I knew of them 20+ years ago

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I don't know why you want  to use a bank......


Your stock broker has ETF's (Exchange Trade Fund) that you can buy to invest in Thailand or in Southeast of Asia.


This is the best and cheapest way for private investors to acess the markets in Thailand.


I have a few investments in Thailand and Asean region using precisely ETF's.


If I can help you just send a message.....

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