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Board Starts Up Great But Then Always Slows Down...

Tom Tit

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Not sure what forum this should properly go in — sorry! shift it if it's misplaced, Mr Moderator — but something's rotten in the state of Tomtitland of late regarding my viewing of this goodly electronic parish.


It all starts well. Opens smoothly, purrs like a kitten as I read a few new posts and make a couple myself, then... it all goes pear shaped.


Usually after I've looked at half a dozen threads and make one or two posts myself, so I'll have been on about 30 minutes total, everything suddenly slows down to the extent that a page takes ten minutes to open. What's up with that? If I open a new browser, or exit the site then start again, it's the same slowdown. Other sites I'm simultaneously browsing open fast and good as gold, but this one's choked up. Same at home or at my office. Doesn't matter what tome of day it is. Phone or computer: same story. (Though, and here's the rub, if I'm on th computer and it's slowed down, if I then open this site on my phone it loads and reloads at normal quick speed.) Can't be my Wi-Fi, then? Must be a problem at the other end (as the bishop said to the actress).


Maybe I should count this as a blessing. If this didn't happen, I'd spend two hours a day on here instead of 30 minutes (fine in an ideal world, but I've got work shit to do...).


Anyone any ideas? It's a mystery to me: I know as much about computers as I know about celibacy in Bangkok.  :P


Tom Tit.  :blink:



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