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Advice on Chiang Mai


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Any suggestions for Hotels ?

I love the Duangtawan hotel but i always stay on top executive floor which has its own breakfast buffet. The rooms are huge. Ask for corner suite.Very reasonably priced. Quiet and amazing views of Doi Suthep etc. On Loi Kroh and close to action. And you can sneak your threesomes in thru side lobby and exec elevator without having to go by front desk.


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Sounds very nice. Checked it out on their Web site 2 rooms not available for our dates. Three star options are what we are more interested in. Trying to give my companion more of a south East Asia boutique experience than the European business class hotel. Hitting the streets for breakfast is acceptable. Any other options appreciated.

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Just finished a week in Chiang mai and few things changed (i'll write more detailed about it in a trip report) but after doubt I'll make another trip there. Last year I had my first trip of only 3 days I met up with a couple of nice students uni girls looking to make some extra money. I honestly thought I had found my new favorite place in LOS. Paid about 1.5k l per date (meet via tinder) and Spotlight gogo had more talent and was cheaper (700bf now 1000bf girl was 2k now 2500) 


Last year I found some girls on tinder they must have not have been working long because when I told them how much I wanted to pay they didn't argue they just said ok. How times have changed in the course of a year now the same Uni girls now asked for 2500 and were always on there phones messaging other "clients" disappeared in to the bathroom to make calls to maybe thai boyfriends, and then wanted to leave early. Also in a year the same girls that had  put on quite a bit of weight what was tight before was lose today. Tried to find some other girls using last year method but struck out.


Raming Lodge was good as before but Spot Light has moved and is about a 800 meters away but lacking in talent and now very busy. 


Overall nothing like my first trip and prices are now bangkok prices only saving grace is Celebrities but even that was hit and miss (prices up from 1400/1700 to 1500/1800)

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I have always found plenty of talent in Celebs and Zayuri, the latter one gets quite busy in the evening (local man), so need to be there not too late..


From my experience, Absolute Paradise also sometimes had not bad lineup.


Next time planning to check Ping Payom and Pandora.


I would suggest to avoid Chiang Mai Massage Parlour - rooms were horrible and quality of ladies really poor.


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