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Here is the reply I received yesterday about guests:


Dear sir,


Thank you very much for your email. The hotel allows maximum guest 2 persons per room. If you're solo traveler (stay 1 person/room) and will bring a guest during your stay, there will be no charge, but if you're sharing the room with your friend (2 persons/room) and will bring guest, the hotel will charge for the extra person.


We offer more discount options through our online reservation on www.baybreezepattaya.com  (terms and conditions applied). You can book through that channel or you can inform us the room type that you prefer and we will proceed with the booking. Thank you and look forward to hear from you soon.


Kind regards,




Bay Breeze Hotel




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I hope you are not South Indian. Bay Breeze has a policy of not accepting Indians.

I had stayed there on a couple of occasions and hand liked the hotel..... so I recommended it to a business associate who brought some of his staff there on a company trip. But he got a surprise when they were rejected at the hotel despite having reservations as his staff were from India. And it was stated on their website in fine print that the Bay Breeze Hotel do not accept customers from the Indian Subcontinent due to some vendor contractual issues bullshit.


This happened about 2 years ago and we have since boycotted it. I do not know whether they have changed this policy or it is still in practice.

I think they changed.


I booked online through booking.com


Stayed there for 4 nights.


Don't take the room facing roads, it will be loud music will keep you wake up in the night.


The staff helped me to change to a quieter room.... Nice stay.. Good place.. Location to be in.


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Bay Breeze is definitely guest friendly when booking the room for 2 people. Not sure if it is only booked for 1 person but may still be. Have stayed there twice and will be staying again my next trip. Majestic Suites is just around the corner from Nana Plaza within 5 mins if not less walking distance.

I booked in Paradiso Boutique hotel nice hotel... With all amenities.. Good location... Tooo


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