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T-Mobile Deals for 55+ $60 All In - Unlimited Text, data, and voice -TWO Lines!

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Hello Gents,

First, I have nothing to do with T-Mobile other than being a customer. I get nothing out of passing this along other than the fact that you might save some money and be able to spend on your "hobbies". Anyway, the point of this deal is that you get unlimited voice, data, and text for $60 all in to include taxes.  Did I mention that this if for two lines? No? Well this is for two lines. If you join autopay you get it even cheaper. I just did it this morning after I saw this in a group I belong and wanted to pass it along because I am not paying 50 dollars instead of 99.00 I called a service representative and it was done in 10 minutes. TMobile is also pretty good on mobile data around the world as well when you travel and has reasonable rates. Not sure what they are offering in other countries but this appears to be a US deal. Pass it along to anyone in the 55+ crowd. Here is the link to the page. Cheers!!







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