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Gym paid per visit in BKK


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Hello everybody,

I`m looking for a big/nice gym in Bangkok where I can pay per visit or hour.

I`m staying here for 2,5 weeks and have a gym in hotel, but it`s crazily small and I`m a powerlifter.

My hotel is located close to the BTS, so everything in the range of BTS is very ok.

Due to a work I can only train on fridays and a weekends.

Any advice?




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Thanks, just checked a prices on the other forum and it seems it`s around 4k THB for a month incl. sub. fee, that is IMO an overkill, any other places available?

Depending on the length of the contract, fitness first is slightly above 2k a month. The signing fee is something like 1.5k but it's a one time payment. Don't know who told you this info, but this is what they quoted me when I signed up.

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Tony's fitness gym on Soi 19 behind T21. I bought a pass yesterday. 500 baht for 1/2 month or 900 baht 1 month. No daily prices, no AC. There is a power rack, dumbbells pairs up to 100, though it's not a full set, some dumbbells are missing. It's pretty hot in there, but I'm glad I can still hold a barbell and dumbbells during my time in BKK and not lose the gains.

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