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Pier 21 items are approximately 35 baht each. These 3 items was 94 baht total:  

Pier 21 looks like this:     You are checking in the wrong places. those restaurants that you checked are not in the food court Pier 21... Better to go back there again... :blink:

I knew there existed a Food Court in the Terminal 21 which is one block from my hotel... decided I didn't want to spend that much for two, tried it out.  Took a couple shots.  It's downstairs, lower l

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9 hours ago, MarLion said:

Oh wow, Terminal 21. There are so many delicious food there on the food court. Amazing how they feature different cuisines though. Still, I find myself coming back for that super tasty Tom Kha Gai. Best soup ever. 

I'll be sure to make a note to try it there next time.  

7 hours ago, Rocky Rockstar said:

I have a thing for Pepper Lunch. It’s simple, cheap & tasty (really like the beef option!) and with the chain not being in the U.K. it’s something I always look forward to when I come to BKK 😄 

+1.  Pepper Lunch is a very decent quick steak option.  Go for the top menu item, it's still cheaper than getting it in a steakhouse.

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