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Visa query

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Hi guys,


So I got visa as a tourist, type: TR, no of entry: s, 


Im assuming single entry, which is fine. 


says 'Enter Before 20th October'


Does it mean i have to also exit before 20th? Or say I can enter on 19th and they'll permit me to stay for x number of days? how does this work?


My work schedule has been such that it's postponed till the end, i'll probably enter next week, but i want to know how the exit is determined, i'll offcourse have return ticket and dont plan to stay more than 5-6 days.



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You just have to enter before the 20th. How long you are allowed stay is determined by the type of visa you have and in your case you'll be allowed 60 days by default. I assume you are from one of countries granted 60 days.


You do know that you can enter Thailand on a visa waiver scheme assuming you are from US, Europe or any of the other wealthy countries. No need for a tourist visa if you plan to stay less then 30 days.


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