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So I'm headed to Bangkok in 2 weeks and had planned on watching UFC 217 at Breakers. If anyone would like to join me, I'd be happy to buy you a beer or two and get some tips (namely best legit massage places near Aloft, tips for discos/bar girls for LT, good food places). I plan on meeting there at 9:00 AM (have a seat reserved). I may be pretty jet-lagged as I actually landed in BKK the night prior at 11:30 after a long-ass flight from TX.


Happy Plans:


Bangkok Milking Table





Bai Po?



Din Tai Fung

Chinatown Dimsum (per other Din Tai Fung thread) - would love some specific places there (I tried to find the one called Bangers, as recommended but couldn't see it on a map)

Coco Curry (love this stuff)



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