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Grand Swiss Sukhumvit 11 by Compass Hospitality Review 2018

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June/July 2018


Just came back from my five week trip and my first stop was “The Grand Swiss Hotel” I booked the cheapest room available which was the Deluxe Room. (The Deluxe Room is considered the budget room at this hotel located on the 4th and 5th floor) I picked this hotel because of its location 600meters from nana, 300meters from Thermae. 200meters from Vasu exchange and about 250 from the bts.



5 days – I stayed on the 4th floor for the first days of my trip

Cost: $62US per night booked

4 Days – Another few days at the tail end on the 5th floor.

Cost: $59US per night booked


The Good:


Good beds



Room safe

Friendly staff


OK wifi



The Bad:


Worn out rooms


Bad view



This was meant to be the mood setter for my trip a nice hotel to start and end my five week holiday. Normally I aim for about $45US per night so I have more money to “play” but I felt I should spoil myself a little. I pre-book and pay for all my hotel months in advance to get good prices early bird discounts. I think the normal price for the deluxe room is about $70US.

Trying to research this hotel beforehand was quite hard, detailed information was lacking normally just a few short comments here and there.

I arrived quite late about 10.30pm average processing time for check in they wanted $1000 baht deposit. Was about to go up to elevator in the main building but then was then told I was in the other building, appears there are two building that are joined on the 7th floor to the main building. I immediately thought I had made the wrong decision about this hotel. My thoughts were I was staying at the Grand Swiss lite but I had already pre-booked and paid so I had to make the best of it.


4th Floor (June 2018)

My first impressions of the first room were a bit of a letdown functional yes but for the extra money paid lacking. The first thing that stood out was the door in the corner of the room that I thought was for the optional joined room, but unlike other hotel there was no way to ensure the door was locked on my side. The layout of the room was funky the raised platform before the low window with the overhead beam that you had to duck under gave me attic vibes (hell you could knock yourself out if you came back drunk and forgot about it) Maybe the room was a converted storage room? The aircon was retro fitted and filters needed cleaning. (Cleaning warning on the keypad and very weak airflow)  I didn’t mind the mood lighting till I noticed that it was broken in some parts. The city view as of a carpark which I won’t take away points I was on the 4th floor, in a more budget room. During my stay I noticed a lot of noise; I was near a kitchen or laundry so it was noisy. Before I left I requested a quieter room for my return.


5th Floor (July 2018)

I didn’t take any real review pictures as I forgot near the end of my trip. Although I can add that this room was much better then my last. No uneven floors extra door in the corner of the room view of a carpark and little construction noise that started at mid-day but a much better experience. Being away from the kitchen noise too was good.


Pool as ok as was the gym not good but its there and you can use it as I did a couple of times when I was in a lazy mood.


Would I return?

Maybe if I got a very good price and a guarantee that I would get a quiet room but there are better options depending on your needs and if you’re willing to walk hotel is lacking but without a doubt the location is fantastic.












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I should add that the girls from Thermae and Nana loved the location it was close enough for them to walk too and back without much bother. Oh being in the second building the security we meant to be at the desk when the second elevator but he was almost never there and I took girls back to my room without signing in. The Elevators need a keycard which was nice. Had foodpanda deliver food no problem too. The tissue box by the bed was not something I normally would write as a feature but after a few hotels didn't have it, its definitely is a feature.


Wifi Speed: 8/2 was fast enough to youtube at 720p 

Fridge: Filled with overpriced drinks and snacks that are a minimum double to four times more expensive then if you were to the 711 about 100meters away.

Entertainment: Analog tv channels with usb ports Limited English channels (think its was 1 movie channel 1 tv channel (fox) 2-3 news channels 1 documentary 1 MTV couple sports) all in fuzzy goodness 



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I've stayed there twice. Not bad at all. But now it's expensive. For the same money i'd go Blu Radisson. 

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Thanks for the review. I am currently looking at this hotel too due to its location. It is between this hotel and the Adelphi Suites on soi 8 right now for me as they are almost the same price.

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