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How difficult is going to be to grab a cab and go to my hotel? Will they even be up at that hour?

There won't be any problem getting a cab. Bangkok is like New York City...it never sleeps. There will be dozens of cabs and there are a couple of "limousine" services at the airport you can use...for much less than you would pay for a taxi in New York.


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No problem on taxi go to the ground floor to the middle of the building. There will be 20+ waiting. I suggest you get the address in thai from your hotel or screenshot a map if its not one of the bigger well known hotels. It’s about 300b plus 70b tolls to nana. Most hotel like 80% have staffed desks 24hrs mine did not so try to confirm before arriving. It takes about 45min to get through passport control and get your bags. Another 45 to get to your hotel.

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Zero problem. If you're coming in to Suvarnabhumi then follow the signs downstairs to the public taxis. Walk outside, get a ticket from the machine then walk over to your taxi.


Also tell the driver before you put bag into Taxi you want Meter.

As mentioned above 75THB Tolls (If using the toll way) + 50THB Airport departure fee or what ever they call it and up to approx. 300THB taxi fare.


As a pricing guide, I took a taxi from Four Points Hotel Suk Soi 15 to airport on Monday afternoon around 5PM and it was 221THB - Did not use the tollway.

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