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Why don't people use airbnb more?

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I prefer Airbnbs to hotels because you usually get more bang (pun fully intended) for your buck.  hotels usually only change sheets during your stay twice a week anyway and I've found many Airbnbs have been providing extra towels lately, or a washing machine to use.  They are also getting better at providing more toilet paper, which used to be my biggest beef with them.  I stayed at one in the past that only provided one roll.  I was paying over $250/night for the place and they couldn't figure out how to keep the place stocked up with more!?!  Give me a break!!

This forum seems to be more active than the other sub forums on accommodation but I started a thread about Airbnb on Koh Samui if anyone has any experience renting a house or villa on the island:


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I love Airbnb most of the time, but I guess in Bangkok, hotels are just a better option. If you know that it's not legal and renting is a risk I personally think the risk isn't worth it. Story where you're not allowed to make noise after?? PM or the apartment owner picks your luggage up and delivers it to your room first so that, at first entry, you don't look like a tourist or can't talk to staff property.

hotels are fine and most are guest friendly, so this is probably your safest bet.

You lose a some privacy, but if you can get used to it, then a hotel is probably fine. If it's in your budget, you can try serviced appartments. I find those the most close experience to a Airbnb (I like to have a kitchen and washer).

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Considering that most of people stay less than 30 days, and Airbnb is illegal for that period, I'm not surprised most choose hotels over condos.

But regardless of the laws, if I stay a couple of weeks, hotels are a no brainer.

Right now I'm writing from a condo I rented for 2 months on Airbnb and it costed me around 2000$, has fast internet, washing machine, good infinity pool/gym and 1 minute walk from Thong lo BTS.

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