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Best Pool? on / near Suk

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I have seen website for the Sheraton Grand and the pool is AWESOME . just what i,m looking for as i like to sit around pool with appies and drinks and wi/fi during afternoon for a few hours doing my work etc.

However the Hotel is a bit pricey , 3-400 canadian and almost always full.

i,m not on expense account , so am looking for similar but a little less...150-200 $ is ok.

but i want a pool with some privacy areas and garden/greenery around it...not just a open rectangle lap pool.

input mucho appreciated.

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Check out Sukhumvit 12 Bangkok Hotel & Suites on soi 12. Good pool for the price. It is a bit far down the soi, but you are prob in a taxi going back anyway.

Sofitel has a great pool area, but it is a bit higher than what you are looking for.

Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18 has an ok pool. Good atmosphere.


Nai Lert Park had an excellent pool area, but it closed last year.

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