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I hope this is the right place for this post.  I recently stayed at the Dream Hotel on Soi 15.  I thought that it was an excellent choice.  It’s located sligtly closer to Cowboy than Nana, but both are a reasonable stroll.  It’s also right around the corner from Thermae.  I actually like to walk, so the massage shops on 22 and 24 were still convenient.


As far as the hotel is concerned.  The staff was extremely professional and friendly.  My room was very modern with a blue light that could be switched on for atmosphere.  Sounds cheesy, but it was actually very nice.  The breakfast buffet was outstanding.  Solid thumbs up from me.

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What kinda prices ? 

I booked it as part of a package so it’s hard to say.  I’m an American working in India so I was flying out of Mumbai.  My trip was business class and three nights at the hotel with a deluxe king size bed, up to 3 guests and a breakfast buffet was only $800 US.   

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Been there recently, it's a good choice with small things I didn't like. It's pretty old (my room was in the secondary building, maybe there's a difference). You can't open the window, you have to ask the key at the reception (what??). Staff is nice (average in bkk). Really good breakfast. Internet works very well and that's a huge plus for me.

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Yea its rad. 


The pool is nice as well. 


This hotel is actually 2 hotels. Dream 1 and 2, one is located right across the street from the other. Dream 1 has breakfast, Dream 2 has the pool. 


The rooms in both are nice, I stayed in Dream 1 (You don't really get a choice I think) and a few of my buddy's ended up in Dream 2. 


Breakfast is a decent way to start the day, its "thai" in that you can add chilies to your eggs if you want, otherwise any westerner should find something they want at the breakfast bar. Also the coffee is good. 


Walk to any of the hot spots, or take BTS to anything else is pretty simple. 

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