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Phachara Suites (Sukhumvit soi 6) - Review

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I just spent 9 nights in this hotel, located in soi 6 and very close to Nana Plaza and Nana BTS.

Needless to say, is guest friendly (they don't charge you for bringing someone to the room).

First of all: my room wasn't the most basic/cheap, since it had a bedroom + living room, while with the cheapest price you get a studio apartment.

Having a washing machine in the room was very comfortable for me (I'm not 100% sure but I think all rooms have one).

Bathroom was good (but only shower and no bathtub).

Staff is very nice.


It has a balcony, even though the view from my room was non-existent.


Unfortunately, the wifi in the room was very slow and often wasn't working at all (forget to have skype calls). I think this is the only downside I found, sadly for me since I need it for work, but probably not so important for most people since 4g always works well.


Price tends to be a bit higher than the average but you can find good offers, and if you plan to spend a lot of time around nana plaza this will be money well spent in my opinion.

Hope this helps!




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I'm sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I figured it's better to reuse this thread than make a new one.

I stayed at Phachara Suites a while back, and it seems they were renovating part of the hotel. Now I notice that it says "newly renovated" or something at Agoda.

The room I stayed in was a bit dated, although it was a free upgrade since they didn't have the room I had booked.

Can anyone confirm whether they have actually renovated the whole thing or not?

Despite getting an upgrade at Phachara Suites, I actually liked Citrus Suites just across the road more. Just because it seemed newer/fresher. And I really liked how they had proper procedures in place when I forgot some cash on the counter. Basically, the cleaning staff pulled out and two admin-type chicks were sent to the room to document everything and hand me a written notice about the money they found, etc.

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Stayed at this hotel in April 2019.  The  breakfast was terrible - maybe four items to choose from.   Found the Citrus across the street (they put on a good spread (8/9 dollars) but well worth it).  Also, other good places to eat on soi 4, 6 and 8. The room was dated and not really worth the money.  Won't go back.   

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