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Sometimes I don't want to go to a restaurant alone and I'm too lazy to cook, so I just buy food like those rice and chicken bowls you can find everywhere.


At Villa Market, at the end of Suk Soi 11, almost next to Insanity, they have cheap ready-to-eat sushi trays that actually look good and taste ok (much better than those at 7-11, that I would never eat).


The price is really good so I was wondering if you consider it too risky to have some salmon sashimi... I don't have a clear idea about hygiene standards here in Thailand.





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See what the packaging date is. No way it is kept at proper temp so if it’s not from that day it seems sketchy to me. Same with tops but the sushi sucks personally even as an option to Mcdonald. The sushi at sushi express in terminal 21 is cheap fresh and ok for the price. Also try sushi and other prepared meals at emporium. At 7 it goes on sale all the prepared food is on sale 30-50% off. Its kept at a better temp than other super markets and it’s pretty good and ok price. 89-130b

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