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Ariva hyde sukhimvit 11

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It's pretty clear it's a residential building. The booking says daily cleaning, but that may vary to your expectation. The studio rooms (they say 1 bedroom, but practically they are studio rooms) are small, but adequate. It's a nice place with good pool and gym. Don't expect room service, concierge, or any other hotel services.


The Hyde is found on Airbnb also. Many Chinese use it as they have the money to pay the premium price. A kitchen is nice to have if you are staying for a week or more.

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Any one have any info on this place ?

I.e. is there daily room clean or room service ?


This is fairly new and only handful of reviews on booking.com. it seems it's an apartment rental so I'm weary if my room would be cleaned every day.


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If you're weary about your room being cleaned then perhaps you will become WARY of this and clean it yourself  :D

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